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Below are the guidelines the scholarship and grant review board follows to support their decision of what applications to approve, how much to give and how the funds will be dispersed.

General Guidelines

The Freelance Community Fund supports training opportunites that focus on skill-sets that are essential to the growth of the individual freelance business and its owner. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Business skills conference, workshop, coaching programs
  • Industry skills conference, workshop, coaching programs
  • New program/product launch

The Community Fund aims to support projects that require small amounts of money to have an intended impact. We want the fund’s support to have an impact.

  • This means that the fund might not support bigger events where a smaller grant contribution will not impact the viability of the event in a meaningful way.

The Community Fund generally does not support the following:

  • Marketing events
  • Events that focus on the development of a product or startup

The Community Fund aims to answer all requests within 15 working days, with the current relief needs in relationship to COVID 19 and our efforts to raise additional funds, we anticipate delays. Your patience is appreciated.



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About the Fund

The Freelance Community Fund empowers the growth of freelance businesses and their owners by easing their access to funds for training and expansion. It is created for smaller opportunities that will have a large impact like workshops, coaching programs and conference attendance, that are likely to expand the knowledge base of the individual to run a stronger freelance business.

The fund was founded in October 2019. We will evaluate the effectiveness and outcomes of the fund in a year’s time, and decide whether to continue to raise funds.