The Freelance Community Fund is brought to you by The Freelance Conference and backed by Operation Freelance, a nonprofit subsidiary, in order to provide assistance to freelance business owners. Applicants are asked to fill out a form outlining their needs and be as detailed as possible to support their request for assistance. Approved applicants will receive up to $500 to go toward COVID-19 relief or continuing education / skills development opportunities.

*Please note: COVID-19 Relief is our top funding priority right now.

General Guidelines

The Freelance Community Fund was established to support training opportunities that focus on skillsets that are essential to the growth of an individual freelance business and its owner. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Business skills conference, workshop, coaching programs
  • Industry skills conference, workshop, coaching programs
  • New program/product launch

The Freelance Community Fund aims to support projects that require a small amount of money to have an intended impact. This means the fund might not support larger events where a smaller grant contribution would not impact the viability of the event in a meaningful way.

The Freelance Community Fund generally does not support:

  • Marketing events
  • Events that focus on the development of a product or startup

The Freelance Community Fund strives to answer all requests within 15 working days. However, with the current demand due to COVID-19 and our attempts to raise additional funds, delays are anticipated. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Eligibility Requirements

To be approved for grant assistance from The Freelance Community Fund, applicants must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Be a freelance business owner residing in the United States. This includes sole proprietors, LLCs, and other entities where there is no more than one employee.
  • Have experienced a sudden decrease in income as a result of the pandemic, including those whose contracts have been canceled or have lost work, gotten sick with—or are caring for someone with—COVID-19.
  • If asked, offer documentation of income and loss by way of sharing proof by way of income statements, canceled contracts, bank statements, client communications, etc.

Selection Criteria

Funded applicants will be selected based upon meeting the eligibility requirements. Additional consideration may be given to Freelance Community members.

Every application will be reviewed by the Advisory Board of The Freelance Community Fund. Grants will be awarded on a non-discriminatory and objective basis once the application has been reviewed and any additional questions have been answered or documentation has been submitted.

Funding is dispersed to the recipient in a lump sum by way of PayPal. All information gathered is kept confidential and secure.


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Due to the pandemic, we are putting all of our volunteer and financial resources towards COVID-19 relief grants at this time. We will re-evaluate the needs quarterly and adjust as funding allows. Check back here at a later date if you’re looking for a skills-training scholarship.